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RCLS AccuCut Catalog: Home

Pictures of the AccuCuts in the RCLS Collection


What Are AccuCuts?
RCLS has a collection of over 500 AccuCut dies available to loan (for library staff only). Many different shapes, numbers, and letters can be used for scrapbooking, decorating, card making, etc.

The loan period will remain the same (3 days) delivery day, a full day to use them, and return the next day.
Dies are handled the same as books.
1. all dies must be checked in when received
2. and then checked out to you
3. checked in when finished
4. return to RCLS If there are any other holds, the die(s) can be sent to the requesting library. They must be in a padded envelope or boxed.
Boxed sets (alphabets) have the barcode on the case only.


For an alphabetical list: AccuCut Dies

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How to Order Dies

Find the picture of the die you want to place a hold for

Cut and Paste Item ID/barcode (Ctrl-C to copy)

Go to the Place Hold Wizard in Symphony and your user account and then paste into Search:

Sample Item:

Fish-Angel < ==== picture of item

Angel Fish (171)      < ==== title (call number) 

32801008199419     < ==== Item ID/barcode



Shape Size Guide