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SmarterMail : Member Library Staff & Departments

RCLS Tips and Tricks, Mailing List Info

Albert Wisner Library - Warwick

Warwick Adult Services Staff - warad@rcls.org

Warwick Circulation Staff - warcircstaff@rcls.org

Warwick Reference - warinfo@rcls.org

Warwick Staff - warstaff@rcls.org

Blauvelt Library

Blauvelt Staff - blvstaff@rcls.org

Bloomingburg - Mamakating Library

Bloomingburg Staff - blbstaff@rcls.org

Chester Library

Chester Staff - chsstaff@rcls.org

Chester ILL - chsill@rcls.org

Teen volunteers - chsteenvols@rcls.org

Cornwall Library

Cornwall Staff - corstaff@rcls.org

Cragsmoor Library

Cragsmoor Staff - crgstaff@rcls.org

Daniel Pierce Library - Grahamsville

Grahamsville Staff - grhstaff@rcls.org

Ellenville Library

Ellenville Staff - eplstaff@rcls.org

Ethelbert B. Crawford Library - Monticello

Monticello Staff - mtcstaff@rcls.org

Fallsburg Library

Fallsburg Staff - fbrstaff@rcls.org

Finkelstein Library

FML Department Heads - fml_heads@rcls.org

FML Adult Services - fmlas@rcls.org

FML Circulation Dept. - fmlcirc@rcls.org

FML Computer Dept. - fmlcomp@rcls.org

FML Children's Services - fmlcs@rcls.org

FML Staff - fmlstaff@rcls.org

FML Technical Services - fmltech@rcls.org

Florida Library

Florida Staff - fplstaff@rcls.org

Gardiner Library

Gardiner Staff - garstaff@rcls.org

Goshen Library

Goshen Staff - gosstaff@rcls.org

Goshen ILL - ILLgoshen@rcls.org

Greenwood Lake Library

Greenwood Lake Staff - grlstaff@rcls.org

Haverstraw King's Daughters Library

Haverstraw Clerks - havclerk@rcls.org

Haverstraw Librarians - havlib@rcls.org

Haverstraw Librarians & Clerks - havlibclerk@rcls.org

Haverstraw Libguide Owners - havlibguides@rcls.org

Haverstraw Library Staff - havstaff@rcls.org



Highland Falls Library

Highland Falls Staff - hflstaff@rcls.org

Highland Mills / Central Valley Libraries

Highland Mills & Central Valley Staff - wplstaff@rcls.org

Josephine-Louise Library - Walden

Walden Staff - walstaff@rcls.org

Liberty Library

Liberty Staff - libstaff@rcls.org

Livingston Manor Library

Livingston Manor Staff - livstaff@rcls.org

Middletown Thrall Library

Middletown Staff - midstaff@rcls.org

Middletown Reference - midref@rcls.org

Circ - middletowncirc@rcls.org

Moffat Library - Washingtonville

Washingtonville Staff - wasstaff@rcls.org

Monroe Library

Monroe Staff - mflstaff@rcls.org

Montgomery Library

Montgomery Staff - mngstaff@rcls.org

Nanuet Library

Nanuet Staff - nanstaff@rcls.org

Nanuet Reference - nanref@rcls.org

Newburgh Library

Newburgh Staff - nflstaff@rcls.org

New City Library

New City Staff - nwcstaff@rcls.org

New City Circulation - nwccirc@rcls.org

New City Pages - nwcpages@rcls.org

New City Technical Services - nwctech@rcls.org

Nyack Library

Nyack Library Staff - nykstaff@rcls.org


Orangeburg Staff - orgstaff@rcls.org

Palisades Library

Palisades Staff - palstaff@rcls.org

Pearl River Library

Pearl River Librarians - prllib@rcls.org

Pearl River Staff - prlstaff@rcls.org

Pearl River Pages - prlpages@rcls.org

Piermont Library

Piermont Staff - pmtstaff@rcls.org

Pine Bush Area Library

Pine Bush Staff - pblstaff@rcls.org

Port Jervis Library

Port Jervis Staff - ptjstaff@rcls.org

Roscoe Library

Roscoe Library Staff - rosstaff@rcls.org

Rose Library - Stonypoint

Stony Point Staff - stpstaff@rcls.org

Sloatsburg Library

Sloatsburg Staff - slostaff@rcls.org

Suffern Library

Suffern Staff - sufstaff@rcls.org

Suffern Department Heads - suf_heads@rcls.org

Suffern Reference  - suffernref@rcls.org

Sunshine Hall Library - Eldred

Eldred Staff - eldstaff@rcls.org

Tappan Library

Tappan Staff - tapstaff@rcls.org

Tomkins Cove Library

Tomkins Cove Staff - tclstaff@rcls.org

Tuxedo Park Library

Tuxedo Staff - tuxstaff@rcls.org

Valley Cottage Library

Valley Cottage Staff - vclstaff@rcls.org

Valley Cottage Children's Services - vclchildrens@rcls.org

Valley Cottage Circ Staff - vclcirc@rcls.org

Valley Cottage Reference - vclref1@rcls.org

Valley Cottage Tech Services - vcltech@rcls.org

Pages - vclpages@rcls.org


Wallkill Library

Wallkill Staff - wakstaff@rcls.org

West Nyack Library

West Nyack Staff - wnystaff@rcls.org

Western Sullivan Public Library

Western Sullivan Library Staff - wsplstaff@rcls.org