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SmarterMail : RCLS Mail Groups

RCLS Tips and Tricks, Mailing List Info

RCLS Board of Trustees & Board Committees

RCLS Board of Trustees - rclsboard@rcls.org

RCLS Board, Advocacy & Fundraising - rcls_af@rcls.org

RCLS Board, Annual Meeting Planning - rcls_am@rcls.org 

RCLS Board, Committee Chairs - rcls_bc@rcls.org  

RCLS Board, Exec & Bylaws - rcls_bylaws@rcls.org 

RCLS Board, Personnel & Finance - rcls_pf@rcls.org 

RCLS Board, Nominating & Development - rcls_bdev@rcls.org 

RCLS Executive Committee - rcls_exec@rcls.org

RCLS Facilities Committee - rcls_facilities@rcls.org

Member Library Trustee Outreach & Orientation Committee - rcls_o&o@rcls.org

RCLS Plan of Service Committee - rcls_pos@rcls.org

Groups for Children's and YA Services

RCLS Children's and Youth Services - youthlist@rcls.org

RCLS Teen Librarians - teenlibrarians@rcls.org

Children's Librarians of Orange, Ulster and Sullivan Counties - clousc@rcls.org

Teen Battle of the Books Committee - bookbattle@rcls.org

LARC-YS Teen Librarians - larcysteenlibs@rcls.org

LARC-YS Children's Librarians - larcyschildrens@rcls.org

Librarians of Rockland County - Youth Services Dept. Heads - larcysdepthead@rcls.org

Minecraft server - minecraft@rcls.org

System Wide Groups

Acquisitions - acq@rcls.org 

Adult Programming & Outreach Counsel - apoc@rcls.org 

All Staff & Directors - allrcls@rcls.org 

Big Read Grant - bigread@rcls.org

Librarian Continuing Education (contact hours) - ce@rcls.org

RCLS Coordinated Outreach Serv. Advisory Group - cosag@rcls.org

Development  & Implementation - D&I@rcls.org

E-Content (folks that create carts for Central Library system wide) - econtent@rcls.org

Pool for e-content (any library can participate) - epool@rcls.org

E-Rate News - erate@rcls.org 

Envisionware - envisionware@rcls.org

Anecdotal Library Articles - funlib@rcls.org

Friends of Member Libraries - friends@rcls.org

Fundraising - fundraising@rcls.org

Gates Foundation Cash Grant Libraries - gatesgrant@rcls.org

Gifts & Exchanges All RCLS Libraries - gift@rcls.org

ILL Liaisons - allrclsill@rcls.org

LibGuides users - libguides@rcls.org

Librarians for Adult & Public Services - laps@rcls.org

Library Assistants - libasst@rcls.org 

Library Aware users - libraryaware@rcls.org

Local History and Genealogy - localhist@rcls.org

RCLS Movie License - movlic@rcls.org

Plan of Service - pos@rcls.org

Substitute Staffing List - sublist@rcls.org 

Digital Content Suggestions - suggestions@rcls.org

Video Games and Technology - gameslib@rcls.org 

RCLS Staff and Departments

All RCLS HQ Staff - rclsstaff@rcls.org

RCLS Staff Development - rcls_sdt@rcls.org

RCLS Weekly Memo Editors - rclsmemo@rcls.org

ANSER Staff - automation@rcls.org

ANSER Techs - automation_tech@rcls.org

Deliveries - rclsdrivers@rcls.org



Board Presidents - boardpres@rcls.org

Board Presidents - ANSER - boardpresanser@rcls.org

RCLS Correctional Facilities - corrfac@rcls.org

Member Library Trustees/Boards - trustees@rcls.org

New York Library Trustees Online - nylto@rcls.org

Director's Association & Standing Committees

RCLS Directors - rclsdir@rcls.org 

RCLS New Directors - rclsnewdir@rcls.org

Director's Association Bylaws Committee - dabylaws@rcls.org

RCLS Administrative Assistants - rclsdira@rcls.org 

RCLS Directors Executive Committee - direxec@rcls.org 

ANSER Committee - ansercomm@rcls.org 

Continuing Education Committee - cedcomm@rcls.org 

Direct Access Committee - diracc@rcls.org 

ANSER Contacts - ansercontacts@rcls.org 

CIRC/TECH User's Group - ctug@rcls.org 

Reference User's Group - rug@rcls.org 

System Services Committee - sysserv@rcls.org

Tech Services Staff Group - techserv@rcls.org


County Associations & Directors

Civil Service Continuing Education - civilservice@rcls.org

Orange County Directors - ocd@rcls.org 

Orange County Staff & Directors - ola@rcls.org 

Orangetown library directors - old@rcls.org

Orange County Reads (OLA) - orangereads@rcls.org

Rockland County Directors - rcd@rcls.org 

LARC Executive Board - larcexec@rcls.org

LARC advocates - larc_adv@rcls.org

LARC customer services - larc_cs@rcls.org

Rockland County Staff & Directors - larc@rcls.org 

Rockland County Library Staff - rc@rcls.org

Rockland County Circulation Supervisors - rccircsup@rcls.org

Sullivan & Ulster County Directors - sucd@rcls.org

Sullivan County Staff & Directors - supla@rcls.org 

Ulster County Directors - ulcd@rcls.org