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SmarterMail : RCLS Mail Groups

RCLS Tips and Tricks, Mailing List Info

Email Accounts and Mailing List Subscriptions

For information on obtaining an RCLS mail account and subscribing to the lists listed below, go to:


System Wide Groups

NOTE: All mailing list groups can be posted to only by subscribing members of that group unless otherwise noted

Member library staff using the Symphony Acquisitions module- acq@rcls.org 

Adult Programming & Outreach Council - apoc@rcls.org 

All member library staff & directors (announcements and discussions of system-wide library service issues. If issues relate to a more specific audience or issue covered by other mailing lists, do not post to allrcls) - allrcls@rcls.org 

Orange County libraries Big Read Grant - bigread@rcls.org

Librarian Continuing Education opportunities/discussion - ce@rcls.org

Correctional Facilities in RCLS library service area contacts - corrfac@rcls.org

RCLS Coordinated Outreach Services Advisory Group - cosag@rcls.org

ANSER Hardware/networking technology development  & implementation - D&I@rcls.org

E-Content (designated staff that create carts for Central Library system-wide ebook/digital audiobook pool collection) - econtent@rcls.org

System-wide ebook/digital audiobook pool collection discussion for all member library staff - epool@rcls.org

News and discussion of state/Federal Erate telecommunications grant/discounts  - erate@rcls.org 

Envisionware public Internet workstation and print management system discussion - envisionware@rcls.org

Anecdotal Library Stories and Humor - funlib@rcls.org

Members of member library Friends groups - friends@rcls.org

General discussion of library fundraising - fundraising@rcls.org

Video Gaming use in Libraries - gameslib@rcls.org 

Gates Foundation Cash Grant Libraries - gatesgrant@rcls.org

Gifts & Exchanges open to all RCLS Libraries - gift@rcls.org

Inter-library loan liaisons at all member libraries - allrclsill@rcls.org

Member library staff using LibGuides web content management software - libguides@rcls.org

Librarians for Adult & Public Services - laps@rcls.org

Library Assistants at member libraries - libasst@rcls.org 

Member library staff using EBSCO LibraryAware library promotion software - libraryaware@rcls.org

Local History and Genealogy Interest - localhist@rcls.org

RCLS Movie Licensing cooperative for public performance - movlic@rcls.org

Member library staff Notaries - notary@rcls.org

Ramapo Catskill Library System headquarters management Plan of Service team - pos@rcls.org

Member Library Substitute Staffing Exchange List - sublist@rcls.org 

System-wide Digital Content pool Suggestions [open to anyone to post] - suggestions@rcls.org

Groups for Children's and YA Services

NOTE: All mailing list groups can be posted to only by subscribing members of that group unless otherwise noted

RCLS member library Children's and Youth Services staff - youthlist@rcls.org

RCLS member library Teen Librarians - teenlibrarians@rcls.org

Children's Librarians of Orange, Ulster and Sullivan Counties - clousc@rcls.org

Teen Battle of the Books Committee - bookbattle@rcls.org

LARC-YS (Library Association of Rockland County) Teen Librarians - larcysteenlibs@rcls.org

LARC-YS (Library Association of Rockland County) Children's Librarians - larcyschildrens@rcls.org

Library Association of Rockland County - Youth Services Dept. Heads - larcysdepthead@rcls.org

Libraries offering Minecraft gaming - minecraft@rcls.org

Member Library Boards

NOTE: All mailing list groups can be posted to only by subscribing members of that group unless otherwise noted

Member library Board Presidents  (all libraries) - boardpres@rcls.org

Member library Board Presidents  (of ANSER libraries only) - boardpresanser@rcls.org

Member Library all Trustees/Board members - trustees@rcls.org

New York Library Trustees Online - nylto@rcls.org

RCLS Board of Trustees & Board Committees

Note: These mailing lists are restricted to members of the RCLS board of trustees

RCLS Board of Trustees - rclsboard@rcls.org

RCLS Board, Advocacy & Fundraising - rcls_af@rcls.org

RCLS Board, Annual Meeting Planning - rcls_am@rcls.org 

RCLS Board, Committee Chairs - rcls_bc@rcls.org  

RCLS Board, Exec & Bylaws - rcls_bylaws@rcls.org 

RCLS Board, Personnel & Finance - rcls_pf@rcls.org 

RCLS Board, Nominating & Development - rcls_bdev@rcls.org 

RCLS Executive Committee - rcls_exec@rcls.org

RCLS Facilities Committee - rcls_facilities@rcls.org

Member Library Trustee Outreach & Orientation Committee - rcls_o&o@rcls.org

RCLS Plan of Service Committee - rcls_pos@rcls.org

Director's Association & Standing Committees

NOTE: All mailing list groups can be posted to only by subscribing members of that group unless otherwise noted

RCLS member library directors - rclsdir@rcls.org 

RCLS member library new directors - rclsnewdir@rcls.org

RCLS Director's Association Bylaws Committee - dabylaws@rcls.org

RCLS member library Administrative Assistants - adminasst@rcls.org 

RCLS Director's Association Executive Committee - direxec@rcls.org 

RCLS Director's Association ANSER (Automation) Committee - ansercomm@rcls.org 

RCLS Director's Association Continuing Education Committee - cedcomm@rcls.org 

RCLS Director's Association Direct Access Committee - diracc@rcls.org 

ANSER (automation) contacts at each member library  - ansercontacts@rcls.org 

ANSER (automation) Circulation/Technical Services User's Group - ctug@rcls.org 

ANSER (automation) Reference User's Group - rug@rcls.org 

RCLS Director's Association System Services Committee - sysserv@rcls.org

ANSER (automation) Tech Services Staff Group - techserv@rcls.org


County Associations & Directors

NOTE: All mailing list groups can be posted to only by subscribing members of that group unless otherwise noted

Civil Service announcements/discussion for member library staff in civil service - civilservice@rcls.org

Orange County member library Directors - ocd@rcls.org 

Orange County member library Staff & Directors - ola@rcls.org 

Orangetown library directors (Tappan, Orangeburg, Palisades, Blauvelt) - old@rcls.org

Orange County Reads initiative of Orange Library Association - orangereads@rcls.org

Rockland County member library Directors - rcd@rcls.org 

LARC (Library Association of Rockland County) Executive Board - larcexec@rcls.org

LARC (Library Association of Rockland County) advocates - larc_adv@rcls.org

LARC (Library Association of Rockland County) customer services - larc_cs@rcls.org

Rockland County member library Library Staff - rc@rcls.org

Rockland County member library Circulation Supervisors - rccircsup@rcls.org

Sullivan & Ulster County member library Directors - sucd@rcls.org

Sullivan County Public Library Association Staff & Directors - supla@rcls.org 

Ulster County member library Directors - ulcd@rcls.org

Member Library Internal Staff Groups

Mailing lists exist that are limited to each member library's staff or departments within a library:

blbstaff,blvstaff,chsill, chsstaff, crgstaff,eldstaff,eplstaff, fbrstaff, fml_heads, fmlas, fmlcirc, fmlcomp, fmlcs, fmlstaff, fmltech, fplstaff, garstaff, gosstaff, illgoshen, grhstaff, grlstaff, havclerk, havlib, havlibguides, havstaff, hflstaff, libcirc, libstaff, livstaff, mflcircstaff, mflstaff, middletowncirc, midref, midstaff, mngstaff, mtcstaff, nanref, nanstaff, nfllib, nflstaff, nwccirc, nwcpages,nwcstaff, nwctech, nykstaff, orgstaff, palstaff, pblstaff, pmtstaff, prllib, prlpages, prlstaff, ptjboard, ptjstaff, rosstaff, slostaff, stpstaff, suf_heads, suffernref, sufstaff, tapstaff, tclstaff, tuxstaff, vclchildens, vclcirc, vclpages, vclref1, vcltech, wakstaff, walstaff, warad, warcircstaff, warinfo, warstaff, wasstaff, wnystaff, wplstaff, wsplstaff

RCLS Staff and Departments

Note: These mailing lists are restricted to RCLS headquarters staff only

All RCLS HQ Staff - rclsstaff@rcls.org

RCLS Staff Development team (department heads) - rcls_sdt@rcls.org

RCLS Weekly Memo Editors - rclsmemo@rcls.org

ANSER (Automation & Electronic Resources) Staff - automation@rcls.org

ANSER Technicians - automation_tech@rcls.org

RCLS Deliveries staff - rclsdrivers@rcls.org