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NFL Tech

Tech Zoo

Here's a sample of what you can do and use the tech for below:
Even if you aren't into gaming, Playstation Virtual Reality allows you to view documentaries in 360 degrees. You can see the last living white rhinos in Kenya, or see a concert. Or get chased by a zombie - up to you, really.
If you are into gaming, try out Fortnight or Animal Crossing on an iPad
If you like to draw, try out Apple Pencil.
Try stumping the Google Assistant on Google Home
Try Hoopla and Overdrive on a Kindle,
Fly a drone
Check out our Librarian Laptop, loaded with software (like video creation program Camtasia); you may find it useful for your programs or staff training.
Use the iPad in conjunction with the Smart TV
Try the Nintendo Switch or Playstation
Come up with some new ways to use any of this amazing tech!

How to borrow tech

All the tech in Tech Zoo is available in baskets by Sue's desk down in the technology workroom. Just sign out what you want to borrow.