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In anticipation of The Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017, start your stellar exploration here.


Solar Eclipses are rare but stunning celestial events. When the moon passes between the sun and the Earth, the moon will block out the sun for a brief time.  On August 21, you will be able to view a partial solar eclipse from anywhere in North America.  In New York City, a partial eclipse will begin at 12:23 pm and end at 4:01 pm, with the maximum coverage occurring at 2:45 pm.  

It has been 38 years since the last total solar eclipse was visible in the continental United States.  
Please join us in learning, celebrating and viewing this celestial event.

Obtain your FREE Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses so you can safely look at the sun by attending one of Solar Eclipse Events listed below.


Main Library; 10 West Ramapo Rd; Garnerville, NY 10923; (845) 786-3800 X25

Village Branch; 85 Main St; Haverstraw, NY 10927; (845) 429-3445 X14

Solar Events for Solar Glasses

FRIDAY MATINEE - 1 PM - Come watch a film with an eclipse!

June 2: King Solomon's Mines (103 mins)
June 9 : A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (103 mins)
June 16: The Eclipse (88 min)
June 23: Ladyhawke (121 mins)
June 30: Barabas (112 mins)
July 7: Apocolypto (138 mins)
July 14: Hellboy (122 mins)
July 21: Lara Craft: Tomb Raider (100 mins)
July 28: The Watcher in the Woods (83 mins)

July 6
@ Village Branch 4pm
@ Main Library 7pm
With frosting and candy, decorate a cookie to be an accurate representation of the sun. For ages 8-14 in the Summer Reading Club. Registration begins one week before.

July 20
@ Village Branch 4pm
@ Main Library 7pm
Learn all about eclipses from John Huibregtse of the Challenger Center in Airmont, NY. This specific program is for ages 8-14 for children in the Summer Reading Club. 

August 7
@ Main Library 5pm
Discover more about the world around you. Be creative with eclipses! For children entering grades 4-7. Registration begins one week before.


August 21
@ Main 10 AM - 5 PM
Learn about eclipses with fun projects. Learn how to view the eclipse safely. View NASA's filming of the eclipse on our large screen.

Links for more information


What is a Solar Eclipse?

Courtesy of Exploratorium

?Que es un eclipse solar?

Courtesy of Exploratorium

Getting to the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse by Ana Aceves with Sky & Telescope

You can check out They Might Be Giants music CDs from the children's collection! 

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